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You don't have to look like a supermodel to do a boudoir session. We're wives, moms, and so much more. I want you to walk into the studio and leave your responsibilities behind. I want to help you capture those intimate moments to remind you that you're still that confident sexy woman you've always been. 

Boudoir is about letting go all your insecurities, all your doubt, and falling in love with who you are at this very moment. It is about empowering YOU and gaining self-love that we lack to give ourselves. 

Mikayla Graham 

A Luxury Boudoir Experience


Mikayla Graham

Hey! I'm Mik, your new hype girl and the photographer behind the camera. My love for boudoir started with a simple wish to make other individuals feel beautiful and confident in themselves. I want everyone to feel empowered and in control of their own destiny. I want YOU to feel confident in who you are, what you wear, and the life you want to live. Here with me, everyone is provided with a safe, discrete, judgment free zone. I strive for each individual to enter and leave the studio feeling amazing and boudoir photography allows me to do that. I want you to feel like a fucking babe and not feel a smidge of shame about it. 

Image by Shapelined

The Studio

Session Day  Timeline



You arrive!

Kick off your shoes, grab a snack, and throw on some fuzzy slippers! Your session day is finally here! We start all sessions at 11:30am so you have time to sleep in and get prepped! We'll start hair & make-up as soon as you arrive!


It's Session Time!

Once we're wrapped up with hair & make-up, we'll go over the outfits you brought (and pick out new ones, if you desire!). We'll go over what you'd like to wear, sets you want to try, etc! Then we'll get started! 

Wrap Up & Lunch!

The photography portion of your session will last 2 hours! Throughout the two hours of photography, you'll get to see images on the back of camera, try lots of fun new poses (don't worry, I'll demonstrate them first!), and share lots of laughs with your photographer (me!). You will then head out for lunch while I upload your images!

1:30pm - 3:30pm


Welcome Back!

Once your two hour lunch has concluded, you will return to the studio for your Image Viewing and Ordering Appointment! During your Ordering Appointment, you'll get to see all of the edited images from your session and purchase prints of products, if you wish to do so! I bet you're asking, "I'll get to see my images on the same day? What??" Yes! On the same day as your session, you will leave with your digital gallery in your email inbox ;)



Heather White

"If you're nervous about doing a boudoir shoot, this is the ONLY person to go to. Not only does Mik talk to you about everything before you even meet her, she hypes you up before, during, and even after. Super relaxed environment, professional, and best experience you could ever have. 100000/10 would recommend Mik and 100000/10 will be coming back again."


Let's Get You Feeling Like a Boss Ass Babe

1149 1/2 S Washington Ave

Lansing, Michigan 48910


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