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The Do's and Don't's of Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The Do's

- DO wear clothing that makes you feel absolutely amazing. Bring clothing that makes you feel beautiful and smile, and also like an absolute baddie! Personally, I wouldn't bring any outfit that doesn't make me want to dance around my living room to Doja Cat (because let's face it, she's an absolute bad bitch).

- DO thinks of colors that best represent you -- bring bold and fun colors if that's your thing or stick to a cute and soft neutral palette. Whatever you feel the best in!

- DO have a fresh coat of nail polish on your fingers and toes -- or opt for completely nude nails! Just try to avoid coming in with chipped nail polish.

- DO make sure your body hair looks exactly the way you want it to! Planning to wear a thong? Consider getting your booty waxed to avoid unwanted hair from showing. Regularly shave your legs? Do so a day or two before your session! Remember to remove any body hair that you don't want showing up in your images.

- DO wear clear or spray on deodorant. Powder deodorant will leave a residue on your skin and clothing and we want you feeling your absolute best in all of your images.

The Don't's

- DON'T go tanning, get a spray tan, or use self-tanning lotion within one week of your session. The spray tan can appear extra orange in images -- and can rub off on your clothes or the bedding/furniture. It can also appear very splotchy on camera. Do your best to avoid coming in with tan lines unless you want them memorialized in your final photos -- editing those out is an extra fee.

- DON'T wear clothing that is too tight to your session. Avoid tight socks, bras, underwear, pants, etc. It can create weird, red, indented lines on your skin that take forever to disappear. It can also creates small bulges in your natural curves and we don't want that. We want you to feel amazing!

- DON'T hide your beautiful body! If you're not super in love with your body (yet!), that's okay, I promise. Posing, flattering light, and the amazing, empowering energy that I throw at you from the minute you arrive for hair and make-up will do some serious magic. I promise I will help you look and feel your absolute best every step of the way! You are worth it and deserve to feel like it!

xx Mik

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