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Miss G's Session

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Miss G and I met through Facebook and she wandered out to see me exactly four days after, her session included a variety of posing and outfits and we had an absolute blast!

Miss G came to see me at the Flint, MI studio for her boudoir session while we were utilizing rental studios. The session was not only a gift to herself so she could realize her self-worth, but also a small gift for her significant other. She decided last minute that she wanted to gift her photos to her SO for his birthday, so we quickly threw a session together and planned it with less than three days to go (haha). We had a blast throughout her entire session. From trying a few new poses, to sharing quite a few laughs, we had a wonderful time.

Miss G loved the strappy lingerie (as do I!), and looked fabulous in all of her outfits! Towards the end we tried a few poses with implied nudity and those turned out to be some of her favorites, besides the blue lingerie set (we just couldn't get enough of that one!).

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