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Miss M's Boudoir Session

Today, I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features Miss M, a gorgeous and confident woman who was an absolute pleasure to work with.

We met at our studio here in Lansing, MI for her second boudoir session with us! Her hair and make-up was done by herself for a Valentine's Day Boudoir Mini Session and she did an amazing job!

Once Miss M was finished picking out her outfits and perfecting her look, we began her shoot. She brought several outfits with her, but since it was a mini session we sadly only had time for the red. Regardless, I LOVED the outfit she had on. From her lacey lingerie all the way down to her stunning heels!

We talked beforehand and decided to go with more of a subtle sexy vibe and I definitely think we were able to capture that!

I can't wait to get Miss M back into the studio for her next session!

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